Hi everybody, we are Pimm and Marcel and welcome to our video blog!

Talking to a lot of people, we’ve found out that there’s an increasing number who want to spend more time with their family and who want to have a more flexible and independent lifestyle.
In this short video we want to give you a brief overview and a little bit of guidance, the necessary questions you need to ask yourself and what to think about to make a change in your life. Relevant to clarify for yourself is, what your number one priority is:

  • Is it to make some extra money or do you want to have complete financial freedom
  • Or is it to build up your own independent business
  • Maybe you want to have some more spare time
  • Or do you want to develop/extent your personal skills
  • Maybe you want to help others as a Mentor or you just want to meet new people
  • And you might also think about a safe and secure retirement or leaving a legacy

It’s all about YOU and your personal goals and the right timing of course. There are so many different options and possibilities, but it’s important that it fits your goals and something that works for YOU. Making the right decision can be difficult, so we want to give you a little bit of guidance and the necessary questions you should ask yourself, to make YOUR decision.

So, how to pick your winner?

How stable do you want the company to be, to feel comfortable and which works for you? The most important criteria for us were to find a company which is focused on sustainability and with a 100% transparent and ethical way of working.

Maybe you want to work with a company which is brand new, or which is proven and has been around for a while. Do you prefer a bigger, corporate company or should it be a smaller and family owned business? The benefit of privately-owned companies is, that they are not ruled by shareholders who make the decisions, but smaller, family owned businesses are actually listening to us, as Partners of the company.

Another important point is, to look into the starter’s costs.

You don’t want to spend 100s or 1.000s of pounds in advance, but you’re looking for the most minimal starters costs, to create your personal profit asap. For-instance, if you start a franchise business, which costs you 1.000s of pounds to start with, then it takes at least a couple of years to make any profit. So you should keep your starters investment and the overall costs as low as possible.

How much money do you bring home at the end of the day?

Think about the running costs, like petrol or possible renting costs for a location or a shop. It’s really important to minimise those costs to increase your income and to make your business more profitable and successful. To be able to find out what works for you, you need to be clear about your personal goals.

What do you need this opportunity for?
What do you want to achieve and when?
Why do you want to work from home…or have to?
Is it a family commitment?
Do you want some extra income, or do you want to earn some serious money, which will change your life?

You have to be clear and honest about what you’re looking for and what suits you best. There’re loads of opportunities out there which won’t give you what you’re actually looking for.

Is it a proven business model you’re looking for?

You need a company you feel happy and comfortable with. We were looking for stability, a concept which is tried and tested, with a clear and future-orientated vision. In our hearts it had to be something for ever, with an effect for us and our future generations. The company we work with is multi-awarded and even won the European Business Award. So, check the company you want to work with very seriously and ask a lot of questions, before making any decisions.

You should also be clear about whether you’re looking for a job or a business.

If you apply for job, you get paid a certain amount of money, which is fine, so you put in an hour and you’ll get paid for an hour, but often based on the minimum wage and this doesn’t bring you very far. Too often you won’t have any perspective or go through a personal development.
If you want more independence, based on a self-employed business opportunity, it’s in your own hands to scale this up and you can even build up your own team. So, you’ll become a Mentor or Coach for your own team, if you like, which means you’ll never be alone.

So be clear, do you want a job or do you want to work for yourself and earn money what you’re actually worth?

Once you’re clear about your own goals it’s also important looking into the training and support the company can provide you with. Just because you have a job and are employed doesn’t necessarily mean you get a good training and support!
We wanted to work with a company with a clear and transparent business plan and which gives us free training and support. A company which works with us, to guide us and to develop our business skills, based at our own pace. We don’t want to be left alone and we want a team to rely on.

To define your own personal business plan, you need to think about how much time you want or can invest? Do you want to work full time … or just a couple of hours a day?

You need to be honest about that, do you have 60 hours per week, and do you really want to go for it, or do you just want/can spend an hour per day?
Once you’ve decided what works for you best, you have to make a decision and be committed. We want complete flexibility, to be able to work when, where + with whom we want. We are 100% committed and we work hard, but shifts were not an option for us.

For any successful business it’s important to know how much it pays.
Interesting to know is, how much do you need?

We have to be honest about that, and you need to be clear about your vision, your goals and the possible income potential. It needs to work for you. A small amount of money you don’t have, is still a lot. If you want to work from home and want to build up your own business, you have to be committed to yourself. You can get every support and help you ask for, and there’s nobody who will push you. You have to work from your heart and push yourself to reach your personal goals.
If you work with a company that allows you to grow a business, rather than just turn up for a job, than you can sit down with your mentor … as you will have a mentor in our company. So together, you decide on your goals and what your income goals are and how you gonna get there.

It takes up time to grow a business and to define your own goals and to develop your personal business plan. To get there, we always ask 4 main questions:

  1. What is your number one priority to start your own business?
  2. How much money do you need?
  3. …and when do you need it for?
  4. How much time you want or can invest to make this happen?

So, based on these 4 questions we can sit down together to set up a plan that works for you and fits your goals to ensure that you earn not only a little bit, but to earn what you’re actually worth. We will never say to you, that you want too much … we always say, think big!

Also important, what hours do you want to work?

In our day role we worked 10-12 hours a day, full-time and we had enough of that. We wanted to get out of that rat race, get out of that traditional 9 till 5 structure … and also all that lost commuting time you may experience.
We want 2 hours here and 2 hours there and want the freedom to have a coffee with friends or go for a walk when we feel like it. We work hard and we put the hours in because we’re enjoying it, but no one is gonna tell us when we have to do this. So again, we’re really enjoying that flexibility.

So, do you want to work full-time or part-time?
Part-time with full-time income?

Don’t limit yourself, think big, because everything is possible, if you want it to happen. And again, timing is important. We all want different things for different reasons. But be honest with yourself.

Those were the necessary questions you have to ask yourself and the guidance we wanted to give you. Have lots of conversations, do your research, because what we do works not for everybody. Work through these questions, be honest with yourself and make it fit for you. Cross out everything you want to avoid, to escape that rat race.

What kind of security do you want or do you need?

For us it was important to work with a company which is focused on sustainability and a 100% transparent and ethical way of working. We wanted an absolute proven and transparent business concept with a clear and future-orientated vision, to be able to build up our own business, which gives us stability and the personal flexibility and freedom we are looking for.

We want to take our own responsibility for what we earn, we want to be able to own our life and we don’t want to invest our time in something sporadic, it had to be something for ever … absolutely trustful and stable, but 100% flexible.

Of course you’ll have your own criteria, but we hope this helps you to define your way.

Please send us a PM if you need more information or if you just want to brainstorm with us.

We all want something different in life, we all have different priorities and there are loads of opportunities … ours is just one of them.

Feel free to get in touch and we’re more than happy to help you further and to tell you all you need to know.

Follow your dreams, think big and let’s get in touch.

See you soon!
Pimm + Marcel.


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