Together with you, Pimm and Marcel want to reach a green impact.
When will you join?

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Is sustainablity important in your lives?

Yes it is, and it is becoming more and more important. Fifteen years ago, when we came up with a plan to set up a Chocolaterie, we started looking for organic, for fair-trade and for the very best quality chocolate. During this search, we also became more and more aware of the products we used on a daily basis. We always bought products like shampoo and body milk at organic shops, but these so-called ‘natural’ products are not so natural and ecological as they want us to believe. Harmful ingredients like mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and microplastics were also used in these products, so they weren’t that good for our bodies and weren’t that eco-friendly either, but there wasn’t anything else on the market – we thought. Until a friend of ours introduced us to RINGANA’s products, which are not only natural but even fresh and without all these chemical additives … and we have been using these ever since.

What makes RINGANA so special?

RINGANA has been making products for 21 years in the way they should be produced and that’s basically all they do:

  • 100% fresh and active ingredients
  • 100% ethical and CO2 neutral
  • without animal testing
  • without synthetic preservatives and
  • without any chemicals and microplastics.

Always with the utmost respect for people, animals, plants and the oceans. This makes RINGANA so very special and unique worldwide. This approach should be the norm, but unfortunately the opposite is true.

What is your goal?

We want to make people around us more aware of how they can treat their body, nature and the environment in a responsible way. RINGANA offers sustainable alternatives, products that everyone uses everyday. That’s why we became so-called partners or brand-ambassadors. Our aim is to find clients and motivated team partners who see the urgency of a sustainable society. Together and step-by-step we can leave an ethical and ecological footprint behind and the best thing would be that our initiative grows organically.

What is your target group?

Our target group is basically everyone – everyone who uses a shampoo or a skin cream … but more important, everyone who is, or wants to treat our environment with respect.

How do you reach other people?

Initially we of course use our personal network, but we also see more and more people who have heard about RINGANA’s unique philosophy through our enthusiastic customers and friends. Word-of-mouth marketing is clearly the most valuable and most personal way of marketing. It is important that you communicate and listen to the people around you and in this way Pimm and I make new contacts every day.

A green impact is something you can’t reach on your own. How do you set to work?

Yes, you’re absolutely right, we can’t just do it with the two of us – it requires collective action. Unfortunately it’s a fact that time is not on our side. We’re convinced that we should all treat our resources and our environment much more consciously and sustainably, because we’ve all caused too much environmental damage already. “Never before have we been so aware of what we are doing to our planet – and never before have we had such power to do something about it.” *  This really is a wake-up-call and we therefore want to mobilise as many people as possible to stand up and work towards a sustainable and green environment. To tell you more about our initiative and show how everybody can contribute, we organise regular information evenings.
*Sir David Attenborough – Blue Planet II

When will you join us?

We’d like to tell you which possibilities RINGANA offers towards a sustainable society and a green environment. So, if you would like to know more about the company, the philosophy and the products or if you would like to join our team, you are more than welcome – all you need to do is to send us an email and we’ll arrange a date to meet!

See you soon!
Pimm + Marcel.