The majority of RINGANA’s fresh skin and body products are awarded with two of the world’s most respected quality certificates for cosmetics:

  • Cosmetic Analysis
  • CodeCheck

Cosmetic products are significant causative agents of skin diseases and skin irritation.

Scientific studies have indicated that skin health has become a problem in all civilised countries and the use of cosmetic products has caused a dramatic increase in skin allergies. This not only applies to adults, but increasingly also to babies and children. Chemical preservatives and perfumes are the causes of these allergies. In addition, there are a large number of cosmetic ingredients, found in many cosmetic products which we use on a daily basis, which are suspected of constructing nitrosamine to change hormones and proteins, causing cancer and much more.

Cosmetic Analysis

Cosmetic Analysis is a scientifically-founded, manufacturer-neutral instrument for the information of the user on skin tolerance of cosmetic products. It rates cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients comprehensible for everyone. With their Smiley quality seal ‘ingredients-tested’, the Foundation for the Promotion of Skin Health is now consistently taking a step further. Licenses are awarded to suppliers who can use the interactive links of cosmetics analysis to show their customers and prospective customers the complete analysis of their good products.


ECOCERT® is another world respected international certification of environmentally-friendly and organic products. Operating in 80 countries around the world, it is an independent French body which performs quality control by ensuring that all product specifications are strictly adhered to with very strict standards of the entire production of the organic product.

The certifications are only given to products that maintain top quality and operate on the principle that organic farming should show high levels of respect for both the environment and the consumer. Known for its independence, impartiality and competence, ECOCERT® is approved by many countries around the world as the standard for certifying organic products.

Once a product is awarded the ECOCERT® certification, there are regular follow-ups to ensure organic integrity, this happens twice a year. These auditors check products, traceability, packaging and labelling. Those companies whose products pass this rigorous check are then given a compliance certificate and a license which authorises the company to sell ECOCERT® certified organic products.



Cryptic labels of the ingredient description of your skin care product are, for the most of us anyway, extremely confusing. CodeCheck, Europe’s biggest product database, provides comprehensive product information and ratings. A scan of the barcode with the CodeCheck app will show you, among other things, whether parabens, silicones, palm oil or even micro-plastics are in your cosmetics. For vegans, vegetarians, people with lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance, there are additional warnings.
CodeCheck is critical, competent and independent and want to help customers to make healthy and sustainable purchasing decisions. CodeCheck relies on reputable data sources and renowned experts:
these non-industry organisations are under constant supervision and their data sources use information from the European Commission. In addition, CodeCheck specialises in the following areas: hormonally active ingredients, micro-plastics, nano-particles, labels / seals of approval and the barcode-issuing organisation GS1.

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