It seems hard to imagine a world where companies never produce products which contain toxic chemicals, exploit workers, destroy natural habitats or are tested on animals. But is it?

It’s time that we recapture our identity as consumers and hold these companies accountable for the impact they have on our planet. It’s time to solve these problems with improved policies, increased transparency and awareness about their impact.

And this is where we all have the opportunity to put our consumer hats on and make a difference. Because companies are listening.

Almost two years ago we heard about RINGANA, the only fresh provider worldwide, and its unique and award winning 100% Philosophy. A role model of how to create a 100% sustainable, 100% transparent and 100% ethical supply chain.

RINGANA makes the good even better – always a step ahead!

100% Freshness
100% Active Ingredients
100% Sustainable
100% Ethical
100% Vegan

Would you like to know more about our initiative and learn more about what difference you can make?

This is the only planet we have and this life is the only chance we have to make a difference – let’s do it together.

Please join our presentation and get in contact with us.

Looking forward to welcoming you,
Pimm and Marcel.

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