What is known as a hydrolipid film, covers our skin like a defensive sheath, protecting it from drying out – or at least it does usually – because with dry skin, this natural protective film is porous. The best counter-strategy is nourishing lipids. They are important for dry skin, particularly in winter because once the skin barrier is upset, moisture is no longer absorbed into the skin but evaporates outwards. It’s like a swimming pool with a crack in the wall. You can fill it up with water as often as you like, but the water will always leak away. Applying lipids boosts the skin’s own intercellular substance and thus also the repair of the “pool wall”.


Cream Concentrates 3 and 4 are water-in-oil emulsions that strengthen the skin’s own lipid layer. The Structural Lipids are applied as a booster to extra-dry areas of the skin.

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