The fresh Skin Care and Supplements range from RINGANA are surprisingly different. They are more viscous or more colourful than usual. They smell or feel different. During the development process, their main focus is always on the effect.


When it comes to plant-based active ingredients there are huge differences in quality. The weather or the growing and harvesting conditions are all factors that can influence the quality. The level of active substances in asparagus powder or frankincense extract, for example, varies widely from one producer to another. RINGANA uses standardised raw materials. This means that the main active substance in a raw material must be of an invariably high standard.


When the RINGANA Serums are made, the active substances are enveloped (liposomes or phytosomes) so that they can penetrate deeper into the skin and work exactly where they should. The concept is similar for our supplements: if curcuma is encapsulated, this means greater bio-availability for the organism. The result: the active ingredients reach those places where the body can best utilise them.


RINGANA means fresh skin care with a shelf life of about 3 months. This is a great advantage because, owing to their limited shelf life, RINGANA can also deploy extremely effective but highly perishable antioxidant active substances that cannot be used in conventional cosmetics.


An emulsifier binds the aqueous (water based) and oily components of a product, thus ensuring its stability. However, many classic emulsifiers such as PEG are suspected of being harmful to our health. That is why RINGANA for example uses a natural olive oil emulsifier that is extremely nourishing.

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