Hi everybody, we are Pimm and Marcel, Networkers with a sustainable and ethical philosophy.

Talking to a lot of people, we’ve found out that there’s an increasing number who want to have a more flexible and independent lifestyle, with personal and financial freedom…….welcome to Network Marketing, a present-time opportunity and nothing more than word-of-mouth recommendation. The simplest way to build up your own independent business, which makes your life easier, better and more exciting.

Very often, our busy lives and our daily routine don’t give us the time to reflect and to focus on what we really want in life.

A lot of people decide to start their own business to escape their hamster wheel, but usually they have to invest a lot of money, a lot of time and take high risks.

Being self-employed can make you happy, but you have to be very aware of the risk factors. If something doesn’t go as planned, you’re on your own and you might not be able to serve your clients as you would have wished.

A new perspective with RINGANA

The RINGANA business model gave us a completely new perspective of self-employment.

It’s a company with an innovative and sustainable vision and it has a 100% transparent and ethical way of working. With their holistic approach, their curiosity and passion, they constantly develop new plant based products, with fresh and active ingredients from nature.

It’s really exciting, which makes it very easy to share our enthusiasm with others. Just like recommending a great restaurant and raving about a good movie, but usually this won’t generate any income for you.

Caught in our own hamster wheel it took us a while until we saw the great potential of this business opportunity.

It is never too late to take your life in your own hands and to make a decision, to start something new, which gives you a clear and promising perspective, the opportunity to develop yourself……and the possibility to earn what you’re actually worth.

You don’t have to be brave starting your own business with Network Marketing, it needs your dedication and your common sense.

It’s just brilliant being your own boss and having the possibility working where, when and with whom you want. Without opening hours and without any risk and investment. In RINGANA terms: ‘so free’

We made our decision, working with RINGANA and as an independent partner of this multi-awarded and family-owned company.

Team up for a more flexible and independent lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be great to get off your own hamster wheel and leave the rat race to enjoy a more flexible and independent lifestyle?

What if we can show you how to reach your own personal goals?
Step-by-step, in your own pace and even better, together with us in a team, so you will never be on your own.

If you’re ready for a change or want to have an extra income, if you want to be more independent and if you care about our environment and want to leave a green footprint for our future generations, then take a step back to reflect, let’s sit down together and we’ll help you to create your personal plan, which meets your goals.

Think big, follow your dreams and become part of our team.

Just send us a message and we’ll make an appointment or join one of our presentations, if you would like to know more, so easy!

Talk to you soon,
Pimm + Marcel.


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