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We are Pimm and Marcel, and we are working as independent networkers, coaches and mentors for a sustainable and ethical company, which is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in Europe. Insiders describe our company as trend-setting for the new corporate standard in the European trend-market. It is a high-tech company with more than 22 years of experience. The research, development and product portfolio are unparalleled worldwide and ‘our vision is our mission’ to make a good life possible for all people in a better and healthier world.
For RINGANA’s European expansion we are looking for enthusiastic team partners. After all, a green impact is something you can’t reach on your own, it requires collective action, so we need all the help we can get. You’re very welcome to join……
… is a 100% sustainable company
… has won several ‘awards’
… is a natural high-tech pioneer in the field of research & development
… has been successfully on the market since 1996
… grows in this trend market every year by 40-50%
… is leading in Europe in the field of fresh skin care products and supplements
… products are vegan
… is 100% ethical
Our customers receive their skin-care products and supplements fresh and directly from the laboratory / fresh-factory. Nevertheless, these customers must be optimally supervised and advised. To make this possible, our help was asked as RINGANA partners. Very high commission rates, excellent customer satisfaction and therefore regular re-orders, guarantee a constantly growing income. RINGANA offers motivated people the chance of a sustainable and ethical career with the opportunity to earn some extra cash up until a high income.
No obligations whatsoever and everything is possible: Think Big. You work when, where and with whom you want, without any risk and without any investment. Training and education are free. A business model for natural talents.
Are you interested in building up your own sustainable career?
Then contact us and join one of our business presentations.
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